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Dozens of Vintage  Cameras for sale at a Lonon Market in EnglandzGreek woman doll from 1960 market in traditional costumeA greek set of dolls witha man and a woman on a donkey with traditional costume from a 1960 marketTwo brass candelabras with white burned candles standing as a paira clear spanish glass perron used for drinking wine in spainAbstract Spanish Thinking Man ceramic in matte black with grey specksCarved wood buddha from Chinaa brown ceramic container of an assorment of well used penny or tin whistlesAn old antique iron toy with heavy steel iron and parking trivetfilling up a car with gasoline showing a gas nozzle inserted into a car's gas tank fill holea Shoe Box full of Money is overflowing with cash.  This is no way to keep your money safe these daysoblique view of grey wroght iron gate with a design og grapes and grape leavesan antique pocket watch with gold fob surrounded by coins of the worlda rock wall that was made with a large variation of different colored rocksview of old family bible from 1800's showing front and edgea brass candelabra with white cande that is lita generic plain laptop on white background with a white screena generic plain laptop on white background with a white screena pointed finger at a plain laptop screenHand using green pen pointing at screen of plain laptop

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